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Child Support Williamson County

On Behalf of | Dec 5, 2015 | Family Law related issues

A regular question parents ask when they come into my Round Rock Office to discuss child custody or divorce is how long they will receive child support. A break up is a traumatic occurrence in people’s lives, and they are generally worried about their future.

If the amount of child support is sufficient for the parent to keep the house, then we go for the house. However, what if the child is 15 years old and 2 years from graduating from high school?

How Long Does Child Support Last?

The answer to this question is not as clear as most parties would hope. Parents generally believe their child support obligation ends when the child turns 18. Some people realize the obligation will continue if other key milestones have not been reached, but many don’t realize the obligation to pay may last past the child’s 18th birthday.

A child support obligation may continue until the child turns 18 or graduates from high school — whichever milestone is later. However, if the child has been identified as disabled, the obligation will generally continue indefinitely.

I understand that as a parent you would like to make sure your child has the financial support needed. I also understand that most parents want to know what their financial obligation will be so that they can make decisions about their future.

Can I afford a house?

Do I take the more expensive car or the one that is 10 years old, but paid off?

These are real issues.

While a parent want’s to ensure their child’s financial needs are met, they don’t want to pay more than their fair share.

Will They Pay?

If you are the parent who will have the right to receive child support for the benefit of your child then consider the likelihood that the other party will pay the full amount.

How can I enforce the child support order?

Can I enforce the child support order?

Every question that is answered creates more questions.

Are You Suing for Child Custody, Child Visitation or Child Support?

If you are dealing with a lawsuit, you need to discuss your case with an experienced child custody or child support lawyer. Please call me, Clifford Alan Swayze, at 512-335-5245.